Ecological Mind - Strengthening the Immune System

Through Activation of the DNA Alignment
For all the family in 32 languages

Dear friends,

These are amazing times for those of us who chose to experience them as well as the unbelievable planet transformations, speedy pace and self-exposures – both for nations and individuals.                                                                                                                                      

We are all being demanded to see a greater awareness, by expanding our inner freedom, taking care of ourselves by all means: create a good energetic atmosphere within our inner and external dimensions, feed our bodies with light healthy foods and prepare our bodies with the most accurate physical workout for each and every one of us. Moreover – to be happy and in a constant mode of joy and love.

These are not only big words, but a possible reality.

This website is dedicated to an amazing meditation which was channeled and written by Ms. Galit Bar-Yosef. The meditation is about Strengthening the Immune System through Activation of the DNA Alignment.                           

My goal is to translate this meditation to as many languages possible and spread it all over the world, for many people to enjoy and experience this meditation as another tool to expand spiritual growth and good health.

You are more than welcome to forward this meditation to others or translate it into other languages.

I may reach my goal with thanks to many amazing and loveable people around the globe, whom I was lucky enough to have met virtually and personally.

I would also like to thank the universe for sending them to me and wish you all lots of joy, enlightenment and pleasure.

Ronit Haham